5 Warning Signs It's Time to Repair Your AC Unit

Your air conditioner performs an important role in your home and sees a lot of use during the hot summer months. After a time, your AC unit will sustain wear and tear and need repairs. Recognizing the need for AC repair will not only ensure you get your system running again quickly so that you stay comfortable but also catch problems in the early stages to avoid more serious problems and extend the lifespan of your AC. Here are 5 signs you should watch for.

Failure to Stay Comfortable

One of the most obvious signs that your AC needs to be repaired is when you’re not comfortable in your home even when the AC seems to run regularly. A good rule of thumb when your AC is running is for the temperature to drop one degree or more per hour. If this isn’t happening, you can check out a few different things. First of all, check the thermostat to make sure the temperature settings are correct. Checking the thermostat may show that the room temperature is much higher than the settings, which means your unit is having difficulty keeping up with the cooling demand, usually because something is wrong. Another thing to check is the temperature and the flow of air coming from the vents. If airflow seems weak, the problem could be in your ductwork, or it could be a problem with your AC unit itself. If warm air is coming from the ducts, there may be a more serious problem like a refrigerant leak or problem with the compressor.

Odd Sounds and Smells

It’s also important to pay attention to how the AC sounds when it’s running properly. It should be relatively quiet both when turning on and throughout the cycle. Anything more than a steady hum may be cause for concern. Banging or squealing sounds often mean that a part has come loose or a belt needs to be replaced. Popping sounds can simply be from the metal ductwork expanding, but this shouldn’t happen consistently. Clicking sounds are something to pay attention to also. In addition, you shouldn’t notice much odor when your AC is running. A pungent smell may indicate burned wire insulation while musty smells could be a sign that there’s mold somewhere in the system.

Moisture Problems

If you notice leaking water around the AC unit, you need a home AC repair. You may just have a blocked condensate line, or there may be a refrigerant line leak. Either problem needs to be repaired right away. Other moisture issues like excessive humidity mean there’s a problem because the AC cools the air by pulling moisture from it, so you shouldn’t have high humidity levels in your home when the unit is working properly.

Running Frequently

When your AC unit was installed, the technicians should have taken measurements to ensure you got an appropriate-sized unit for your home. If your AC is running nearly constantly and you’re sure the unit is sized correctly for your home, there’s another problem that’s preventing the AC from cooling your home efficiently.

Increased Energy Use

Unexplained spikes in your energy bill during the cooling season can also indicate a problem. When an AC sustains wear and tear, it’s unable to work as efficiently and will run more often and be less efficient. For home AC repair in Coldspring, TX, contact Bear A/C & Heating today.