AC Maintenance Tips for Pet Owners to Avoid Repairs

Having a pet impacts many aspects of your life. It’s a serious responsibility and an incredible blessing. Your daily schedule, vacation plans, and even your cleaning routines change when you add a pet to your household. But did you know it can impact your HVAC system too? If you want to avoid more frequent air conditioning repair in Montgomery, TX, check out these tips just for pet owners.

Woman with White and Brown Dog


Groom Your Pet

Regular grooming is good for all furry friends. It keeps their coats clean and healthy, is good for their skin, and it feels good too. Plus, it’s a great way to spend some quality time with your pet. But did you know it’s good for your AC system too? If you have a pet that sheds, you know that their hair can get everywhere—and that includes the vents in your home. The more your pet sheds, the more that hair can clog up your air ducts and your air filters.

Grooming your pet regularly is the best way to reduce shedding, so you don’t have to worry about pet hair impacting your AC’s performance. Plus, it’ll reduce the amount of hair that gets everywhere else too! So, be sure to brush your pet daily, and take them to the groomer (or give them a bath yourself) regularly.

Change Filters More Often

If you were already on a regular schedule of checking and changing your AC filters, that’s great! But you’re going to have to change that schedule once you get a pet. As we mentioned above, pet hair is going to quickly coat your AC filters—even with regular grooming. This means that, once you add an animal to your household, you’re going to need to check those filters more often to ensure they’re clean and allowing proper airflow through your home. The more pets you have, the more frequently you’ll have to change those filters.

While this may seem like a nuisance, doing so helps keep your AC working efficiently. That means lower utility bills for you while maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature. And, because your AC doesn’t have to work as hard to cool your home when the filters are clean, you’ll experience fewer breakdowns.

Fence In Your Outdoor Unit

If you have a pet that has a free reign of your yard, you should consider putting a small fence around your outdoor AC unit. While most animals don’t target these units as toys, they can sometimes damage these units. Cats may claw the fins on the condenser coils, damaging the unit and potentially injuring themselves. And even if your dog doesn’t scratch at or attempt to chew any part of your outdoor unit, our canine companions do like to mark their territory; if they urinate on your outdoor unit, this could erode the fins and even lead to refrigerant leaks. A small fence around the unit can prevent this. Just make sure it doesn’t impede airflow around the unit.

Our pets are important parts of our family, and though they may require us to make some adjustments to our lives to accommodate them, they reward us with unconditional love and daily companionship. So, if you have a pet in your home, be sure to follow these tips to keep your AC in tip-top shape. Contact Bear AC & Heating for repairs or air conditioning installation in Montgomery, TX.