DIY or a Professional Expert: What to Consider

Your air conditioner may be one of the most reliable appliances in your home. After all, it runs almost continuously during the summer months, which can put a heavy load on your system. Therefore, there are some routine maintenance tasks that must be undertaken regularly to ensure steady operation. Even then, issues will come up that may cause your AC to need repairs to restore function or improve efficiency. While few homeowners would think to undertake a project as massive as AC installation in Montgomery, TX, without professional assistance, many AC amateurs attempt to make repairs on their unit instead of calling for a licensed HVAC technician.


Unfortunately, while there are a few air conditioning repair and maintenance tasks that can be handled by a reasonably capable homeowner, there are many benefits to calling in licensed HVAC technicians when your AC unit requires repair and maintenance. Attempting to make AC repairs without the proper equipment and expertise can represent a costly mistake, as you could do more harm than good with ill-advised repairs. Keep reading below to learn what you should consider before deciding between doing it yourself or calling an AC professional.

Changing HVAC Filter

Is Special Equipment Required?

 One of the first points to consider when deciding whether to do it yourself or call a professional AC service is whether the maintenance task or repair requires any specialized equipment. HVAC repair and maintenance involves the use of expensive specialty tools, gauges, and diagnostic equipment in order to provide efficient and thorough repairs and adjustments. The average homeowner doesn’t have those tools, which can make attempts at such repairs destructive and potentially unsafe. For example, changing the air filter in your AC is something every homeowner can do. All you’ll need is a screwdriver to loosen the grate and a replacement filter. However, if your system needs to be charged with refrigerant, you won’t have the necessary gauges and equipment to safely perform that task. Better to leave that one to the professionals.

Is Special Expertise Required?

Just as certain tools may be required to perform some tasks, there may also be specialized knowledge required to safely and effectively perform a repair or maintenance task. That knowledge may not be available to the average homeowner, and no online video or manual will replace the years of expertise and training possessed by professional HVAC techs. For instance, you don’t need any deep understanding of AC mechanics to understand how to clean debris from around your outside unit. However, cleaning the coils may require more in-depth knowledge, and without it, a DIY repair could result in damage to the system. If the maintenance task isn’t simple and intuitive, you may want to hire an AC service to handle it for you.

Is the Cost of a Failed Repair High?

 Another factor to weigh when electing whether to hire a professional AC service to attend to your system is whether you can afford to make a mistake that could result in substantial damage to your HVAC system. If the stakes are low and you’re trying to keep repair costs in check, then you may be willing to experiment with a minor repair instead of calling for backup. If, however, a botched repair could cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars in additional repairs, the risk may simply not be worth it. A repair with the potential for expensive consequences is a task you should designate to a professional.

How Long Will It Take?

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When you attempt to handle AC repairs and maintenance on your own, you must move at a slower pace since you’re not an expert in the field, and you may not have the best tools for the job. Tasks and repairs that may take a trained professional a few hours to perform may take days for an amateur. In the latter case, you’ll be without climate control in your home, which could make for an uncomfortable situation. If you expect your attempt at a DIY repair to take more than half a day, you’re probably better off calling on a professional.


Though there are a few minor repairs and preventive maintenance tasks that homeowners can handle on a DIY basis, most AC repairs should be performed by an air conditioning repair service in Montgomery, TX. To learn more factors you should consider when deciding between DIY repair and hiring a professional AC tech, contact Bear AC & Heating at (936) 231-4064.