How Faulty Thermostats Impact Your AC’s Performance

Your air conditioner relies on your thermostat to give it signals to work properly. If your thermostat is broken, you could experience costly and damaging AC problems. Luckily, a qualified AC service tech won’t have any trouble fixing thermostat issues and getting your AC working well again in no time. With prompt attention and regular External link opens in new tab or windowair conditioner maintenance in Coldspring, TX, thermostat problems don’t have to be costly.


Keep reading to learn more about common thermostat issues that affect your air-conditioning.

 Woman working on thermostat

Disconnected Thermostat

Disconnected thermostats are common in households. Fortunately, this is a problem that’s easy to fix and doesn’t cause many issues. Thermostats become disconnected from the AC when they’re installed incorrectly or get jostled. When the thermostat is disconnected, it means you can’t change how the air conditioner works from the thermostat controls. Although this is very frustrating, this problem rarely causes damage to the unit.


To fix this problem, call a local air-conditioning repair service. The technician who arrives at your home has the tools and expertise to fix this problem quickly. Your AC will be back in business in no time at all.


This thermostat issue can be more serious because it can cause something industry experts call short cycling. Short cycling happens when the AC unit turns on and off too fast. The unit turns on and turns off before it cools the area.


When short cycling happens too often, it can cause serious damage to the unit’s compressor. This part is located in the outside AC unit. A faulty compressor can cause your air conditioner to shut down and require repair or replacement.


Compressor repairs aren’t cheap. In fact, some people find it’s more cost-effective to replace the entire outdoor unit when a compressor goes bad. Fortunately, short cycling is something that’s easily detected. If you notice your AC short cycling, call for service right away to fix thermostat problems contributing to this issue.

Wiring Issues

Bad wiring can damage your thermostat and cause your air conditioner’s fan to run nonstop. Not only does this cause your electric bill to skyrocket, but it can also cause the fan’s motor to run down and stop working. The good news is that wiring problems are easy to detect and fix. If you hear the fan running nonstop, check to make sure the fan controls weren’t switched on the thermostat from “auto” to “on.” If all looks good, call for service to have your AC specialist diagnose and fix the problem.


How to Prevent Thermostat Issues

The best way to prevent thermostat issues is to always have a new thermostat installed professionally and to schedule regular AC maintenance. Cooling and heating companies offer maintenance services to help homeowners keep their heating and cooling units working well at all times. Achieving optimal performance is the secret to a long-lasting HVAC unit. Regular maintenance services, such as tune-ups, filter changes, and making minor repairs or adjustments to parts, is how homeowners avoid emergency repair services.


When you need External link opens in new tab or windowhome ac repair in Coldspring, TX, you need to hire the best heating and air conditioner repair experts. If you notice thermostat problems or any other HVAC issues, contact Bear AC & Heating today at (936) 231-4064.