The Importance of Hiring a Professional to Install Your AC

Air conditioning has become a necessity in life, as when the temperatures swelter outside during the summer months, your AC keeps you cool and comfortable indoors. While today’s air conditioners are more reliable and efficient than ever before, there still comes a time in the life of every HVAC system that new AC installation in Montgomery, TX, is necessary. After all, HVAC repair will only keep your heating and air conditioning running for so long before it just makes good sense to replace the system.


Installing an air conditioner is a complex operation that involves specialized skills, tools, and experience. Unlike some other household projects, it’s not a task well-suited to a do-it-yourself approach. Not only are the stakes of making an error high and costly, but air conditioner installation can also be dangerous to those who don’t have the knowledge or skills to undertake it safely. Instead, the smart choice is to defer the job to an HVAC professional who will ensure that the installation is done safely and properly. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of hiring an AC professional to install your new unit.

Professional AC Installation - Montgomery, TX

Expert Advice


One of the most critical mistakes that homeowners make when selecting a new unit is choosing the wrong size. There’s a sweet spot for each space when it comes to AC size. Too small, and your unit won’t have adequate cooling power. Too large, and it will lose efficiency and cycle so infrequently that interior moisture levels will be too high. When you hire professionals for installation, you can bring their knowledge to bear in selecting a properly sized unit and working out the logistics of installation, such as the location of the indoor and outdoor units.

Improved Performance and Efficiency


The average homeowner has no idea just how complex the components of an AC really are. Your system is a symbiotic relationship of sorts, as every part depends on the proper operation of other components to perform at an optimal level. Even a small seal can have a dramatic impact on the overall function and lifespan of the system if it’s improperly installed. Every component must be properly installed, and an understanding and knowledge of how to accomplish that come only through training and experience. That’s why to ensure the performance of your system and to get the maximum lifespan out of your unit, it’s best to let a professional perform the installation instead of going it alone.



Most air conditioner manufacturers require that the unit be installed by professionals in order to take advantage of warranties on their equipment. That’s a big deal since warranties protect you from faulty components and repairs that would otherwise be quite costly. Also, the installer may offer a warranty on labor that will ensure your system is properly repaired if there’s an issue stemming from an error in installation.

Enhanced Safety


You may not realize it, but AC installation can be quite dangerous if you don’t have the right knowledge and equipment. AC installation can involve working at elevation in the attic, which can be inherently dangerous due to the falling risk. Also, installation can involve exposure to gases such as those used as refrigerants. Improperly handling those gases can pose a health risk to you and others in the home. Finally, an AC unit is a high voltage appliance, and installation requires adhering to electrical safety guidelines. If you’re not familiar with those safety practices, you could injure yourself or create a fire risk.


If you need a new air conditioner, it’s best to hire one of the AC repair services in Montgomery, TX, to perform the installation instead of going it alone. Hiring a professional for AC installation ensures the job will be done correctly and safely, and your warranties will remain intact. To learn more about the importance of hiring a professional for AC installation, contact Bear AC & Heating at (936) 231-4064.