The Perks of Installing a Ductless AC System

Typical HVAC systems that utilize ductwork aren’t always an option in homes that are being retrofitted with air conditioning. Sometimes there’s simply no room for the ducts, or homeowners want a more zone-based approach to cooling their home to ensure maximum comfort and energy savings. If you’re considering air conditioning installation in Montgomery, TX, here are a few benefits of installing a ductless AC system to know about.

How Ductless Works

A ductless system utilizes two main components. The outdoor unit is the compressor that also contains the condensing coil, expansion valve, and fan to cool the coil. The indoor unit contains an evaporator and fan. The two components are connected by the refrigerant line. Unlike a central air system that uses one large compressor and evaporator for the whole home and distributes the cooled air through ducts, each room has its own system, which means there are numerous benefits for cooling ability and energy savings. Here are the benefits of this type of system.

Personalized Comfort

You’re able to better customize the temperature throughout your home with a ductless system. You choose how many units you want in the home and for the most part, where the unit will be placed. This helps avoid major demolition and can help address problems like hot or cold spots in your home. Different bedrooms or living spaces can have the temperature set at individual settings to accommodate the preferences of those occupying that space.

Energy Savings

You’ll save money on your cooling costs with a ductless system because they’re much more efficient than ducted systems. Ducted systems lose a lot of heating and cooling ability simply because leaks commonly form in the ducts. This isn’t a problem with a ductless system because the cool air only has to travel a short distance and goes directly into the room. In addition to saving you on utility costs, you’ll leave a smaller carbon footprint because you can only cool rooms that are actually in use rather than wasting energy to cool the entire home needlessly.

Heating and Cooling Capabilities

It’s recommended that when replacing your air conditioner, you replace the heater as well. You can accomplish this by installing a ductless system because it can work for both heating and cooling. The heating process works like the cooling process; you just simply have to reverse the process to heat the home. The same perks apply when using the system for your heating needs.

Quiet Operation

Ductless systems run almost noiselessly. The loudest components of the system are located outside your home, so you’ll rarely even notice when the system turns on or off.

Easy Installation

Ductless systems are much easier to install since you can avoid the installation of ductwork. You can avoid the hassle and mess of a large demolition and construction process by choosing ductless because you’ll typically only need small holes drilled in the wall to accommodate the indoor component. You can have the system installed quickly with little modification to your home.

Better Air Quality

One final thing to think about when considering ductless heating and air conditioning in Montgomery, TX, is the benefits to the air you breathe. Ductless systems offer excellent filtration without the risk of bacteria, pollen, or dust buildup that often occurs in the ductwork. This will be beneficial for your overall comfort and health. To learn more about ductless systems, contact Bear A/C & Heating today.