Top AC Issues that Require Emergency Repair

Your air conditioner is essential for keeping you comfortable, so it’s important to keep it well maintained with regular tune-ups. Another way to take care of your AC is to recognize signs that you need External link opens in new tab or windowhome air conditioner repair in Montgomery, TX. Here are some signs that indicate the need for immediate AC service.

Strange Sounds

For the most part, you shouldn’t notice much noise when the AC is running since there’s just a low hum that you should become accustomed to quickly. However, if you start noticing other sounds either when the system turns on or while it operates, there’s likely a problem that warrants repairs. Any gurgling, squealing, or rattling sounds are definitely cause for concern, and you should turn off the AC and contact a repair company right away before further damage occurs.


The AC works by removing moisture from the air, so any signs of excess moisture in the air or around the system are cause for concern. If the indoor humidity seems higher than usual, you probably need to have the AC repaired. In addition, it’s normal for some water to leak from the condensate line, but if you notice leakage in other areas, it could mean there’s a blockage in the main line or that there are other issues to be addressed.

Warm Air

Warm air coming from the vents is perhaps the most noticeable sign of a problem. If your AC is blowing warm air, it could mean there’s a problem with the refrigerant, compressor, or some other component of the system. It could also be a simple problem with the thermostat. In any case, it’s a sign that you need repairs before the issue causes a bigger problem.


You shouldn’t notice any strange odors as a result of running your AC. Freon doesn’t have an odor, so if you notice any strange smells, such as a burning or musty smell, you need to have your system inspected. You may have mold growing in the ducts or in the system. A tune-up or cleaning can often remedy this problem.

Short Cycling

Short cycling means that the AC turns on and off more frequently than it should. Although you may notice it turning on more often during a hot spell, the length of the cycle should stay consistent. If you notice the AC only runs for a short period of time before shutting off again, and the house isn’t cooling down, you need to contact an AC repair service.

Low Airflow

Weak airflow, even when the air is cold, is another sign of something going wrong. Low airflow can be caused by something as simple as blocked vents or a dirty filter, or it may mean that parts are wearing out. The causes of low airflow can often put extra strain on the system, so it’s important to have this issue checked out right away.

Malfunctioning Fan

If you notice that the fan on your outdoor compressor unit isn’t spinning when the AC runs, you need to stop using the AC and call for repair. The fan is responsible for preventing compressor overheating, so it’s not a repair that can be ignored without serious consequences.

Higher Utility Bills

Another sign that you may need AC service is higher utility bills. This means that the system is working harder to cool the home, but in many cases, adjustments or repairs can correct this.


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