Ways to Avoid Emergency AC Repairs in Summer

Texas summers can be brutal, but at least you have the comfort of your air-conditioned home as a reprieve from it—right up until you don’t. When your AC abruptly stops working at the hottest part of the day, you’re probably desperate to get it up and running again. Unfortunately, getting on the schedule with HVAC contractors in Montgomery, TX, in the middle of the summer can be tough, and you might find yourself going without your air conditioner for a few days before you can get repairs. How can you avoid this uncomfortable situation? Keep reading to find out.

 Couple Sweating in House with No AC

Get a Tune-Up in Spring

One of the most important things you can do to avoid a summer breakdown is to get an AC tune-up before the summer heat sets in. Have your AC contractor come out to do a thorough check of your HVAC system and ensure everything is in working order. They’ll be able to spot any potential issues before you’re relying on your air conditioner for comfort, so they can get the problems fixed early on in the year. This will ensure your AC is operating at maximum efficiency when summer hits. And, as an added bonus, you’ll have an easier time getting on the schedule at this time of year than you would in the middle of summer.

Don’t Delay Repairs

It’s extremely unlikely for an air conditioner to completely stop working without first giving signs of an impending system failure. This might include the unit making strange sounds, blowing warmer air, or running for unusually long periods of time to maintain indoor temperatures. Be on the lookout for these signs, and get them taken care of right away. Delaying repairs will never make the problem go away; you’ll just end up with a bigger problem than before, and may have to go days without an AC to get it repaired. If your car started making strange noises, you wouldn’t wait for it to break down completely before taking it to a mechanic, would you? Then don’t do it to your AC either!

Take Care of Your Vents

In order to properly circulate the cooled air through your home, your HVAC system utilizes the vents throughout your home. If these are blocked in some way—either obstructed by furniture or by excessively dirty filters—it impedes the airflow in your home. First off, this will reduce your AC’s efficiency, and your home won’t be as cool as you’d like. But more importantly, it makes your AC work harder to cool down your home, which means it’s more likely to break down.

So, be sure to clean those filters regularly, and ensure that they’re never blocked by furniture or other items that could impede the flow of air from your vents.

Keep Your Outdoor Unit Clean

Your filters aren’t the only aspect of your HVAC system that you should be cleaning regularly. Your outdoor unit needs proper airflow to function properly. So, check to ensure there are no bushes, tall grasses, or debris close to the unit. You should also clean it out if it looks dirty; just spray it down with a strong spray of water from your hose.

With proper care and regular maintenance, your AC is much less likely to breakdown at the worst possible times. But, if it does still happen, contact Bear AC & Heating for emergency AC repair in Montgomery, TX. We’ll get your unit repaired and functioning again as quickly as possible, so you’re not sweating it out for days in the Texas heat. Call now!