Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Schedule an AC Repair Appointment

The arrival of summer means more usage of your air conditioning system. Months of heat and humidity mean you and your family will spend more time indoors in a cool and comfortable environment.

You would not want your air conditioning unit to break down at the height of summer, but that is inevitable if you fail to address problems that require repair by an experienced and trained HVAC technician. A minor issue that’s put off until later can only lead to bigger and more expensive breakdowns.


It is not too late to schedule long-delayed AC service in Montgomery, TX, especially when you start to notice that your air conditioning unit’s performance is not up to par. Here are several reasons why it pays not to wait.

Busy Time for Repairmen

Couple Sweating without AC

Summer is a time of high demand for technicians who do AC maintenance in Montgomery, TX. Air conditioning breakdowns from repeated usage and over usage mean more emergency service calls, which means a longer waiting time for a repair visit if cold air stops coming from your AC system.

The longer you wait to schedule an appointment, the longer your wait time will be to get someone to come out.

A Money Saver

Your air conditioning system consumes a lot of energy to keep your home comfortable. Your home electricity bill goes up during the summer, but that’s the price to pay for relief from the heat.

Most air conditioning units installed in homes in recent years are designed to meet federal energy efficiency standards. Still, you may notice that your energy bill is much higher than what you’re used to. A poorly functioning air conditioning system will work harder and use more energy to do it.

A dirty air filter, worn belt or condenser, and evaporator coils that need cleaning mean less efficiency and higher bills and puts your system closer to a breakdown. A visit from a repair technician specializing in heating and air conditioning in Montgomery, TX, can find and fix the problems before they occur.

A Healthier Home

Your air conditioner does more than cool the air in your home. It maintains an acceptable level of air quality that can be compromised if the unit is in disrepair. Air flowing through dirty ducts, vents and filters are unhealthy for you and your family and guests. You’ll want to call an air conditioning repair specialist to check out the ventilation system. The result would be less dust and contamination and improved airflow in the summer months.

Avoid Costly Problems

The longer you wait to schedule time with an HVAC technician to repair or service your air conditioning unit, the more likely a minor performance problem becomes something more serious. A refrigerant leak can cost you, on average, as much as $1,600 to repair, plus labor costs, and a compressor replacement can be as much as $2,300. Homeowners, on the average, spend an estimated $362 on air conditioning repairs.

Do Not Delay

You don’t want too much time to pass when it comes to repairs or servicing of your air conditioning system. Contact Bear AC and Heating when you’re ready to have your home air conditioning unit checked out. You can count on Bear AC and Heating’s expert technicians to do air conditioning installation in Montgomery, TX, and to repair and service the installed unit to the highest manufacturing standards. Call Bear AC and Heating today at 936-231-4064 for a service appointment.