Zoned HVAC Explained

A great HVACExternal link opens in new tab or window repair service in Montgomery, TX, can be a true ally in your quest for comfort in Texas's erratic weather. If your family has different opinions on the ideal temperature in your home, zoned HVAC may be an excellent solution. Giving you the flexibility to maintain varying temperatures within one property, zoned heating, ventilation and air-cooling systems can significantly enhance your comfort and simplify property maintenance.

What is Zoned HVAC?

A zoned HVAC system regulates the temperature in different areas or ‘zones’ within your property. Using dampers within the ductwork,External link opens in new tab or window zoned HVAC redirects air to various areas of your home, rather than using universal temperature controls throughout the property. This enables you to set different temperature controls in each zone and, therefore, maintain a comfortable environment, regardless of the external temperature.

As well as increasing your level of comfort, zoned HVAC can also drastically improve the efficiency of your HVAC system and even lead to a reduction in your energy bills. By only heating or cooling designated zones, minimize energy consumption, and make your home greener too!

What are the Benefits of Zoned HVAC?

Zoned HVAC offers a variety of benefits and can be used to customize the temperature throughout your property. Most properties receive varying levels of sunlight, for example, which can affect how hot or cool it feels inside. Zoned HVAC enables homeowners to adjust the temperature according to the room parameters and, therefore, increases comfort.

If your kitchen and dining room receives a large amount of afternoon sun, it may feel fairly warm in these areas. In contrast, your den and living room may feel cooler, if that part of the property gets the shade.

A traditional HVAC system would mean turning the heat up and feeling too warm in the kitchen and dining room, in order to avoid low temperatures in the den and living room. Conversely, you might end up feeling cold while in the living room or den, in order to avoid overheating the kitchen or dining room.

With a zoned HVAC system, however, you can completely overcome this issue. A zoned system gives you the option to adjust the temperature in specific zones. You may want to lower the temperature in the kitchen or dining room during the afternoon, for example, while increasing the temperature in the den or living room to create a comfortable temperature in every area of your home.

Similarly, in split level or two-story homes, zoned HVAC can be used to cool the upstairs, where it typically gets hotter, while maintaining a comfortable temperature downstairs. Alternatively, you can heat the downstairs, without overheating rooms situated on the second story.

Cater to Individual Needs

If you share your home with a partner, children, or roommates, you may have an on-going disagreement about what the ‘perfect’ temperature is. Inevitably, this means someone is always left feeling too hot or too cold (and rather disgruntled!).

Fortunately, zoned HVAC puts these disagreements to rest once and for all. By adjusting the temperature in a specific zone, you can ensure that everyone can choose a temperature that’s comfortable for them.

To put an end to the endless temperature wars, give Bear A/C and Heating a call to keep all of your home at a comfortable temperature.